E-Lock PDFeSigner

E-Lock PDFeSigner 4.3

A desktop software for digitally signing Form16 in PDF format
4.3 (See all)
Frontier Technologies Corporation

E-Lock PDFeSigner is an easy to use desktop software for digitally signing Form16 in PDF format.
As an input it takes pre-generated PDF Form 16s, digitally signs them, and keeps digitally signed Form 16s in an output folder.
Using PDFeSigner you can automatically email all these electronic Form 16s to respective employees in bulk.

Main Features:
- Insert visible digital signature in the PDF Form 16s at location specified by you
- Insert ‘Control Number’ in each PDF Form 16 (The Control Number is mandatory by law. Besides, a log of these Control Numbers is generated, which is also mandatory by law). This makes PDFeSigner fully compliant with Indian Law
- Configure signature placement in PDF Form 16 files as per requirement
- Preview your signature in PDF Form 16 files before you proceed with your sign
- Digitally sign the PDF files in native Adobe format, and signed files can be viewed and verified using Adobe Reader
- Associate handwritten signature image or company logo with the digital signature
- PKCS#7 compliant signature
- Digitally sign PDF files without installing Adobe Acrobat Professional on your machine.

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